Current Student FAQs

Courses and Registration

Where can I find CoC registration information, including when permit and major restrictions will be lifted?

The College of Computing registration page is updated each semester and has the most current registration information.…

How do I get a permit for a College of Computing course?

College of Computing graduate students and in associated interdisciplinary programs (including CSE) will receive a survey link before registration the previous semester that will allow submission of CoC course preferences. New students will receive the link at their program’s orientation session. The College of Computing registration page has more information.…

Where can I find CSE course descriptions?

Descriptions for all courses, including special topics courses, are available at

When are the core courses for the CSE degree offered?

CSE 6140 Algorithms- Fall (also planned for Spring 2024)

CSE 6220 High Performance Computing- Spring

CSE 6643 Numerical Linear Algebra (cross-listed with MATH 6643)- Spring

CSE 6730 Modeling and Simulation- Spring (also offered Fall 2023)

CSE 6740 Computational Data Analysis (cross-listed with ISYE 6740)- Fall (also planned for Spring 2024)

For how many credits should I register?

MS students: If you are a full-time student, you must register for at least 12 credits. At least 9 credits (6 credits for summer) must be taken on a graded basis (letter grade or pass/fail). The remaining credits may be taken on an audit basis (audit mode in a regular course or assistantship courses, such as CSE 8997 for GTAs for courses taught by School of CSE faculty or CSE 8998 for GRAs working with School of CSE faculty, or their equivalents in other Schools). Students receiving a GTA or GRA position must register for at least 12 credits.

PhD students homed in the School of CSE: If you are a full-time student, which is necessary if you have a GRA or GTA position, you must register for at least 12 credits. At least 9 credits (6 credits for summer) must be taken on a graded basis (letter grade or pass/fail); the remaining credits may be taken on an audit basis. We recommend that you register for at least 15 credits, including credits associated with your research (CSE 8999 or 9000, which are pass/fail courses, or the equivalent in your home unit) and possibly GRA (CSE 8998) or GTA (CSE 8997) positions (both audit-only courses). According to Georgia Tech recommendations for PhD student enrollment, if you have passed the qualifying exam fully, you should register for 18 hours of CSE 9000 (or the equivalent in your unit) with your advisor. If taking a course or serving as a GTA while taking CSE 9000, reduce the number of credits for CSE 9000 by the number of course or GTA credits.

How do I get a permit for CSE 7000, 8903, 8999 or 9000?

Please submit the appropriate form(s) at CSE Program Forms and be patient! All forms submitted will be processed prior to the end of registration.

How do I get a permit for CSE 8997 (GTA hours) or 8998 (GRA hours)?

Please email and include your name and GTID, the name of the faculty member with whom you will be working, and the CRN of the course in which you wish to enroll. Note that both of these courses are audit-only, so at most 3 hours can be used to count toward the 12 hours needed for full-time students.

I have a “financial hold” on my account. What do I do?

All Georgia Tech students must accept a Financial Responsibility Agreement. This is a University System of Georgia requirement. Students will not be able to move forward with registration until this agreement has been initialed. Once a student initials the agreement, the hold is immediately removed. To review the Financial Responsibility Agreement, please access the Student and Financial Aid tab in Oscar, click on the Registration tab, then click the link for Financial Responsibility Agreement.

CSE MS/PhD Program Requirements

When should I submit my Program of Study?

MS Students: by the end of your first semester.

PhD Students: after you successfully pass the qualifying exam.

Where can I find the CSE forms needed as I go through the CSE program?

CSE forms are available at and should be completed using DocuSign.

Where can I find more information about CSE degree requirements?

Review the CSE Graduate Student Handbook at If you have additional questions, email

Where can I find approved application specialization and computation specialization courses to fulfill the CSE degree requirements?

The CSE Graduate Student Handbook lists courses in the application and computation specialization that have been pre-approved. Students wishing to take courses not on these lists should have them approved by the CSE home unit coordinator and the CSE program director by submitting their proposed program of study.

Can I transfer to a different CSE home unit?

It may be possible to do so. Please contact the home unit to which you wish to transfer for further information about the transfer process for that unit.

How do I transfer credits from another institution to use toward my MS-CSE Georgia Tech degree?

Contact for any courses you wish to transfer as a substitute for a CSE core course. For all other courses, contact your home unit advisor. Note that Georgia Tech allows a maximum of six credits to be transferred and only courses not used to satisfy the requirements for a previously earned degree are eligible. All transfer credit must be approved during the first semester of matriculation.

My program of study has been approved, but my Degree Works account shows that my home unit specialization is missing. What should I do?

Your Degree Works account will be updated after you apply for graduation. If you have applied for graduation and your Degree Works account has not been updated, contact your home unit to find out when they will complete the degree audit process.

Program Requirements for School of CSE PhD Students

Where can I find more information about the requirements for my PhD degree?

Review the Graduate Student handbook for your program; links for the CSE, CS, and ML programs are available at If you have additional questions, email

I would like to earn a master’s degree during the course of my work. Is this possible?

Yes.  You will need to satisfy the requirements of the master’s degree program, which may be easier for some degree programs than others. Please contact for more information.

I am ready to propose/defend. What information should I include in my announcement email?

The announcement template email is provided below. Please send your announcement at least 1 week in advance to,,, and

CC: your full committee
Subject: CSE (or CS or ML) Ph.D. Thesis (or Proposal) Announcement
School of:
College of:
Georgia Institute of Technology
Your website:

Graduate Research and Teaching Assistantships

I ha’ve been hired as a GTA for a CSE course. Should I register for CSE 8997?

It is not mandatory; however, if you want to register for it, follow the instructions listed above under Courses and Registration in this FAQ.

I am a PhD student hired as a GTA for the semester. What type of training is required?

All PhD students in the College of Computing are required to fulfill two teaching apprenticeships. In addition to the TA-ship, you are required to register for TA training courses:

1st TA-ship - CETL 8000 - COC (Graduate Teaching Assistant Preparation)

2nd TA-ship - CETL 8801 - COC

You can find more information about the courses at

How do I apply for a TA position next semester?

MS Students: Complete the College of Computing application when it is released mid-semester for opportunities the following semester. The survey will be sent to

PhD students: You may also complete the survey, but please also check with your advisor and home unit about opportunities.

How do I get a GRA position?

Contact the professor(s) with whom you are interested in working to check the availability of such a position.

My GTA, GRA or GA paycheck is incorrect. Whom should I contact?

Please contact the payroll department at


I plan on graduating this semester. What do I need to do?

MS CSE students: Make sure your approved program of study is up to date.

PhD students: Make sure all requirements have been satisfied except your dissertation and defense.

All students: Complete the online application for graduation (generally due by the end of the first week of the semester you intend to graduate; see the academic calendar for the specific date After submitting the graduation application, you may be added to a self-guided Canvas site provided by the Office of Graduate Education to provide further information.

Also, check your Degree Works account for any missing requirements and work with your home unit coordinator to have everything submitted in a timely manner.

I am a PhD candidate. What do I need to submit to complete my degree?

Refer to the Graduate Studies Education checklist at

What day is graduation?

Information regarding the commencement ceremony is available at Please continue to check this website for updated information.

General Information

I don’t think I’m on the right CSE mailing list. Which mailing list is right for me and how do I request to be added?

The School of CSE maintains several targeted mailing lists:

cse-phd: All PhD students in the CSE degree program (all home units)
scse-phd: All PhD students homed in the School of CSE (all degree programs)
cse-ms: All MS students in the CSE degree program (all home units)
scse-ms: All MS students homed in the School of CSE (includes MS CSE, MS Analytics, MS Urban Analytics students homed in CSE)
cse-ms-coc: All MS CSE students homed in the School of CSE
If you do not think you are on the right list(s), you can request to be subscribed at Click on the list to which you wish to subscribe, then enter your name and email. Requests will be reviewed for appropriateness.

I am interested in an internship. What do I need to do?

Please see guidelines for the Graduate Internship Program at, including information for international students. Submit the DocuSign form, with your offer letter with job description attached, to your home unit’s program coordinator. Please discuss in advance if you will be a GTA or GRA during the internship semester.

I have questions about visa requirements.

Contact the Office of International Education.

I have a question about Georgia Tech policies.

All policies are available in the Georgia Tech policy library.