CRUISE Program

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General Information

Computing Research Undergraduate Intern Summer Experience (CRUISE) is a program offered at Georgia Tech to encourage students to consider doctoral studies in Computational Science and Engineering. Though intended primarily for undergraduates, students enrolled in master's degree programs may also apply. Each summer the CRUISE program hosts student interns who work with faculty in on-going research projects in Computational Science and Engineering at Georgia Tech. The summer program lasts 10 weeks.

CRUISE hosts two types of students: general students and students participating in special programs. Special programs housed within CRUISE will vary from year-to-year, and often have a specific, targeted audience (e.g., outreach to minority or women students). Students participating in special programs should apply according to the specific rules and procedures defined for that program. The information described below applies to general student participants.


All students enrolled in an undergraduate degree program in computer science or computing, engineering, or a physical science considering doctoral studies in computational science and engineering are encouraged to apply. Students enrolled in other programs will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Because students will be matched to available research projects each year, specific technical requirements will vary depending on the projects that are available. Potential applicants are encouraged to review faculty web sites to see the range of ongoing research projects in computational science and engineering at Georgia Tech.

CRUISE encourages, but is not limited to minority and women students. Both U.S. and international students are encouraged to apply.

How CRUISE Works

Each student participating in CRUISE will work with a faculty member on a research project for 10 weeks. Students admitted to the program will be offered a stipend for the summer that will cover the student’s housing and local expenses (food, transportation, etc.). CRUISE staff will assist students by providing information concerning housing opportunities prior to arrival as well as issues that might arise during the course of the summer.

In addition to working on specific research projects, CRUISE includes a number of social events to get to know other CRUISE students as well as students, faculty, and staff involved in the Computational Science and Engineering graduate programs at Georgia Tech. Seminars will be offered to introduce students to topics of general interest, such as what it is like to be a PhD student and how best to prepare a graduate school application, in addition to technical topics. At the end of the summer a CRUISE symposium is held where students will give presentations about their research conducted during the summer in a format not unlike that used in conferences and symposiums.

How to Apply

Students should submit an application electronically via the link below includes a detailed resume, grades/transcripts (scanned copies of transcripts are fine), test scores (e.g., GRE, TOEFL for international students) if available, at least two letters of recommendations preferably from university faculty, and a brief statement of research interests. Students who have published papers in conferences or journals in which they are listed as author or co-author should also submit a copy of their paper(s). Applications should be submitted to:

Deadlines and Key Dates

Applications are not open for this year. When applications open, all applicants will be notified via email with final decisions, please note the review committee will not provide feedback to applicants.