College Alum Returns to Campus as Brand Ambassador for GT Computing Career Fair

CSE Alumnus Lluis Miquel Munguía talks Career Fair, Employment at Google, and Seeing the Light at the End of the Application Process


The College of Computing 2019 Spring Career Fair opens today in the Klaus Advanced Computing Building Atrium. More than 120 top U.S. and International companies are participating in the three-day event, which is expected to attract several hundred students each day.

Supporting the companies are dozens of brand ambassadors. Among them is software engineer Lluis Miquel Munguía. Along with being a brand ambassador for Google, Munguía is also a School of Computational Science and Engineering alumnus.

Overview shot of the CoC Career Fair in KACB Auditorium

Overhead photo of the College of Computing Career Fair in KACB Auditorium

“These career fairs are important and useful,” said Munguía. “Part of my job this week is to curate the next generation of the brightest college minds that want to join us at Google.”

For students uncertain about attending the career fair, Munguía detailed the importance of this unique opportunity for face-to-face interaction with engaged company representatives.

“When you apply to these large companies online you often don’t know if your CV was received or not. In a way, we are here to put a face to the company. We are real people they can come up to, talk to, and ask about the life at Google, get critique on their resumes, and useful feedback about applying,” he said.

“And on the other side of things, we get the chance to put a face to candidates, which is very useful for us.”

Munguía described the brand ambassador’s mission at the career fair as outreach, an idea that resonates with all attending companies, no matter the size or scale. 

“When you’re on the outside, it seems very hard to get inside. It’s all a black box,” he continued.

“If I can help open up the channels of communication in the application process to other talented people from Georgia Tech that need a helping hand navigating the dark waters of getting hired, especially by these large companies, then I know I did my job well.”

Munguía recently graduated with his Ph.D. in fall 2018. During his time at CSE, he studied under CSE Chair and Professor David Bader, with a focus in high-performance computing.

Munguía now works on performance analysis and co-design of next generation accelerators at Google. 

“I am currently focusing on something that is very different from what I studied,” he said. “CSE and Georgia Tech definitely prepared me despite the difference in subject matter. At the end of the day it’s not about what you know, but having the proper tools to learn new things quickly and fully.” 

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