Annual Report Highlights CSE’s Growth and Expertise

The Georgia Institute of Technology College of Computing released the 2016 School of Computational Science and Engineering (CSE) Annual Report. The report emphasizes the school’s recent accomplishments as it completes a hallmark year.

For CSE, the past year saw the establishment of the National Science Foundation’s South Big Data Hub (supervised in conjunction with the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill) and the creation of the Georgia Tech Institute for Data Engineering and Science. Also, the school acquired $5.6 million in new research funding in FY ’16, which brings the school’s total active research funding for FY ’16 to $22.7 million.

Among the school’s notable financial and big data accolades, the report also highlights the school’s interdisciplinary research. This research spans such areas as biodiversity, traffic decongestion, high-performance computing, environmental sustainability, computational learning, and DNA mapping.

“At the School of Computational Science and Engineering, we are all about finding solutions that have impact on real-world problems. We are the only academic unit of our kind in the country, and our faculty work side-by-side with graduate students, with Georgia Tech colleagues, and with our partners from across industry, government and academia to apply computational approaches to the most vexing challenges in science and engineering," said David Bader, chair of CSE.  "I’m extremely proud of what we have accomplished in 2016, and this report captures a snapshot of that research and educational activity. Along with our faculty, I’m looking forward to even bigger achievements in 2017.”

Additional highlights in the report include the school’s two Intel Parallel Computing Centers. The two centers were created to modernize research around biology-based problems and scientific simulations while helping to develop curriculum to train future computer scientists.

Furthermore, the report showcases the success of CSE’s graduate students and alumni who are making significant contributions to their areas of interest. To view the online version of the 2016 CSE Annual Report, please click here.


Devin M. Young

Communications Assistant