Call for Fall 2016 ARC Fellowship Applications

Dear GA Tech Faculty and Ph.D. Students,

This is a call for Algorithm & Randomness Center (ARC) Fellowship applications for fall 2016. All Georgia Tech Ph.D. students are welcome to apply. Typical awards are matching grants, i.e., the mentor/advisor supports half a RA and ARC provides the other half.

Fill out the below questionnaire ( and submit a PDF of your project description to

Project proposal description instructions:

- Two-page maximum (excluding references).

- Include a focused research problem (including a precise statement of the problem)
- Discuss the general context of the research, including its importance and significance for non-experts.
- Discuss relevant related/previous work, and include a brief mention of related previous work by the applicant.

See: for examples project descriptions from the Spring 2016 ARC fellowship awardees.

Research topics in the broad areas of algorithms, randomness and complexity are suitable and could range from purely theoretical investigations to system building based on new algorithmic ideas. Projects could be based on collaborative efforts between two or more groups/faculty members.  Students are strongly encouraged to have their advisor(s) review the proposal before submitting it.

In addition, please ask your project advisor to send a brief (one paragraph) email recommending their support for the project. Send to:

Deadline: The application server will close at 9:00 am on Monday morning July 18, 2016.

Core Research Areas: