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Musical Table Teaches Basics of Computer Programming

A musical, interactive tabletop teaches the basics of computer coding.

Social Media Could Take Only a Fraction of Users’ Time With New Georgia Tech Method

A new visualization technique from the Georgia Institute of Technology could help users end the time-consuming habit of continually checking social media streams and endless updates.

White House Highlights Georgia Tech-Created Computer Science Teaching Tool

The White House highlights EarSketch, a Georgia Tech project that teaches coding to diverse audiences through music.

Optimization Technique Identifies Cost-Effective Biodiversity Corridors

A new optimization technique could help conservation biologists choose the most cost-effective ways of connecting isolated populations of rare, threatened and endangered species living in protected areas.

The Social Media Profile of the Black Lives Matter Movement

Study examines 29 million tweets surrounding four recent Black Lives Matter events.

Lower Income Families Less Likely to Use Online Learning Tools

Low-income parents are less likely to access free online educational resources or, when they do, they do so less effectively because of differences in motivation and parenting practices.

Georgia Tech Research Finds Fan Communities Are Reshaping the Social Web for the Better

In a new study, Georgia Institute of Technology researchers have found that one successful online community could serve as a model to help make the future social web a safer, more inclusive space.

Banning Words on Instagram Doesn’t Help – It Makes It Worse

The pro-eating disorder community outsmarted Instagram censors in order to continue sharing content.

People in Food Deserts Eat Much Differently than the Rest of America

A social media study uncovers what people eat, depending on their proximity to grocery stores.


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