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Georgia Tech Meets Big Data Challenges by Uniting Under New Institute

Georgia Tech announces the new Interdisciplinary Research Institute for Data Engineering and Science, formed to unite researchers across Georgia Tech, foster important partnerships with industry, and play a key role in building the new Coda community.

New Technique Controls Autonomous Vehicles in Extreme Conditions

Georgia Tech researchers have devised a novel way to help keep a driverless vehicle under control as it maneuvers at the edge of its handling limits.

Lower Income Families Less Likely to Use Online Learning Tools

Low-income parents are less likely to access free online educational resources or, when they do, they do so less effectively because of differences in motivation and parenting practices.

Georgia Tech Research Finds Fan Communities Are Reshaping the Social Web for the Better

In a new study, Georgia Institute of Technology researchers have found that one successful online community could serve as a model to help make the future social web a safer, more inclusive space.

Georgia Tech to Dismantle Pervasive Cyberattacks in 10 Seconds or Less

Georgia Tech researchers have earned a DARPA contract to determine ways of defeating low-volume denial of service attacks on websites.

You’ll Never Dance Alone With This Artificial Intelligence Project

Project allows people to dance with a virtual character, which learns from them and improvises.

Obama Names Antón to Commission on Enhancing National Cybersecurity

President Barack Obama has selected Georgia Tech School of Interactive Computing Chair and Professor Ana (Annie) Antón to serve as one of 12 members of the Commission on Enhancing National Cybersecurity.


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