Science and Technology

Deep Learning Can Now Help Prevent Heart Failure

CSE Associate Professor Jimeng Sun and PhD Student Edward Choi create an algorithm for health care models to detect patients at-risk of heart failure 6-18 months before.

Jill Watson, Round Three

A class on artificial intelligence will again include non-human teaching assistants.

Musical Table Teaches Basics of Computer Programming

A musical, interactive tabletop teaches the basics of computer coding.

White House Highlights Georgia Tech-Created Computer Science Teaching Tool

The White House highlights EarSketch, a Georgia Tech project that teaches coding to diverse audiences through music.

Learning Morse Code without Trying

Researchers have developed a system that teaches people Morse code within four hours using a series of vibrations felt near the ear

$4.6 Million Grant to Aid People with Disabilities

The CACP is awarded a $4.6 million grant to research and develop wireless devices for people with disabilties.

Augmenting Reality: GT Students Fare Well at Annual HackMIT

GT Computing students earns top honor at a recent hackathon event hosted by MIT.

Optimization Technique Identifies Cost-Effective Biodiversity Corridors

A new optimization technique could help conservation biologists choose the most cost-effective ways of connecting isolated populations of rare, threatened and endangered species living in protected areas.

Times Higher Education Ranks GT Computing No. 5 Globally

GT Computing Ranks No. 5 in the world according to new rankings from London-based Times Higher Education.


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