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Georgia Tech Research Highlights Premier Artificial Intelligence Conference

Eighteen members of the Georgia Tech community contributed to eight papers that will be presented virtually at AAAI 2021, while two longtime contributors will join the ranks of the prestigious AAAI Fellows program.

Georgia Tech, 6 Collaborators Receive $5.9 Million NIH Grant for a National Center in AI-based mHealth Research

he NIH is issuing $5.9 million in funding for a new national biomedical technology resource center (BTRC), called the mHealth Center for Discovery, Optimization & Translation of Temporally-Precise Interventions (mDOT).

ML@GT Faculty Members Will Discuss Projects Related to Covid-19 Relief During Virtual Panel

Members of the ML@GT community will discuss their Covid-19 related research efforts in a panel discussion on June 24, 2020.

Research Conference Shows Social Challenges are Manifested, Magnified, and Mitigated Online at Pivotal Time for Nation

The value of online mental health communities, how crisis events are described differently over time on social media, and refining how cyberbullying is detected and classified are major topics of research from Georgia Tech at ICWSM 2020.

NSF Grant to Fund Georgia Tech Research into Psychological Impact of COVID-19

A multidisciplinary team of researchers has received a grant from the NSF to study the mental health outcomes of COVID-19 through examination of social media activity and geographic epidemiological data.

Two CSE Faculty Welcomed to the 2020 Class of SIAM Fellow

Srinivas Aluru and Ümit Çatalyürek have both been inducted into the 2020 Class of SIAM Fellows.

Machine Learning Technique Helps Wearable Devices Get Better at Diagnosing Sleep Disorders and Quality

ML@GT researchers are improving the accuracy and efficiency of devices used to track sleeping using machine learning techniques.

New Professor Uses Networks to Connect the Dots for Social Good

Associate Professor Aditya Prakash joins the School of Computational Science and Engineering and discusses his timely research in infectious disease analysis and networks.

Meet CSE: Ph.D. Student David Betancourt is Designing AI to Help Us Monitor the Real and Surreal World 

CSE Ph.D. Student David Betancourt provides an intriguing Q&A about his life as a machine learning scientist and lover of the arts.


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