Data Engineering and Science

Georgia Tech Professor Helps Set White House’s HPC Agenda

CSE Chair David Bader Attends the White House’s NSCI Anniversary Meeting to Discuss the Country’s HPC Strategic Plan.

Georgia Tech Meets Big Data Challenges by Uniting Under New Institute

Georgia Tech announces the new Interdisciplinary Research Institute for Data Engineering and Science, formed to unite researchers across Georgia Tech, foster important partnerships with industry, and play a key role in building the new Coda community.

$1.2M NSF Award Helps Consumers Enter Age of Big Data

Polo Chau nets $1.2M NSF grant to help bring scientific literature review into the age of Big Data

New Program Nets Six Corporate Partners for Computational Science & Engineering

The School of Computational Science and Engineering launched a Strategic Partnership Program with an inaugural class of members that includes Accenture, Cray Inc., LexisNexis, Northup Grumman, NVIDIA and Yahoo.


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