Computer Scientists Build, Test, and Present Model to Curb Online Ban Evasion

Students and faculty at Georgia Tech’s College of Computing published a study that can help online moderators stop ban evasion in its tracks.

Researchers Use Machine Learning to Fight Covid-19 Disinformation

To ensure Americans can find the most accurate information, College of Computing researchers are creating machine-learning (ML) and data science tools to help fact-checkers be more efficient.

Georgia Tech and Intel Awarded Multimillion-Dollar Program to Defend Against Attacks on AI

Adversarial ML attacks on object detectors may never have a chance to happen thanks to this new multimillion dollar program from Georgia Tech and Intel under DARPA.

MLsploit Tackles Machine Learning Security with a Cloud-based Platform

Georgia Tech and Intel researchers launch MLsploit, a cloud-based platform for researching adversarial Machine Learning.

Six Members of GT Computing Awarded Prestigious Fellowships

J.P. Morgan, IBM, Snap, and Facebook awarded six College of Computing faculty and students.

Georgia Tech Superheroes of Supercomputing Make a Powerful Debut at SC’18

A new trading card series of superheroes represents Georgia Tech's latest high-performance computing research at the Supercomputing Conference series.

School of Computer Science Students Dominate at Demo Day

School of Computer Science (SCS) students won three of the four top prizes at Institute for Information Security and Privacy (IISP) Cybersecurity Demo Day.

CSE Researchers Assess Adversarial Attacks on Networks

Researchers from CSE lead initiative to assess the mechanisms by which adversarial attacks on graph structured data harm machine learning models and how to thwart them.


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