CSE Biweekly Roundup - May 20, 2022


Every other week, the School of Computational Science and Engineering shares a roundup of news, accomplishments, and events from across the School. Here is the roundup for May 20, 2022:

  • Congratulations to CSE faculty Edmond Chow and Will Powell on their promotions! Chow is promoted to Professor and Powell is promoted to Research Technologist II!
  • Congratulations to CSE Ph.D. student Siddharth Biswal on his successful dissertation! Advised by CSE Adjunct Professor Jimeng Sun, Biswal defended Deep Learning Methods for Multi-modal Healthcare Data.
  • Congratulations to CSE Assistant Professors Spencer Bryngelson and Anqi Wu for each receiving a Georgia Tech Seed Grant! Bryngelson and Wu’s proposals were two of 13 accepted for the Building Teams and Moving Teams Forward Seed Grant Program!
  • Congratulations to CSE Assistant Professor Anqi Wu for her selection as a DARPA Riser to the DARPA Forward conference! Wu will participate in the conference to be held Oct. 25-26 at Georgia Tech.
  • CSE Ph.D. student Gaurav Verma and CSE Assistant Professor Srijan Kumar co-authored Examining the Impact of Sharing COVID-19 Misinformation Online on Mental Health. The School of CSE researchers teamed with School of Interactive Computing Associate Professor Munmun De Choudhury, IC alumnus Talayeh Aledavood, and MS Analytics alumnus Ankur Bhardwaj on the paper published at Scientific Reports.
  • CSE Professor Ümit Çatalyürek presented When HPC Graph Analytics Meets Graph Databases at BAŞARIM 2022. Held May 11-13, BAŞARIM 2022 is a Turkish conference devoted to studies in high-performance computing.
  • CSE Ph.D. student Max Comstock presented Real-time Interactive Simulation of Large Bird Flocks: Toward Understanding Murmurations at the SIAM Biology and Medicine through Mathematics Conference (BAMM22), held at Virginia Commonwealth University May 18-20.
  • A research team advised by CSE Associate Professor Polo Chau will present their work on NeuroCartography as a “best of the best” entry at SIGGRAPH 2022. The paper placed in the top four out of 422 submissions at IEEE VIS 2021 where it was first published. CS Ph.D. student Haekyu Park leads the team comprising of CSE students and recent alumni, including Nilaksh DasRahul DuggalAustin WrightOmar Shaikh, and Fred Hohman.
  • Research led by CSE Ph.D. student Sara Karamati, CS Senior Research Scientist Jeff Young, and CSE Professor Richard Vuduc has been selected as a Best Paper Award finalist at IEEE IPDPS 2022! The top-five finalists includes two papers from Georgia Tech and the winner will be announced during the conference, May 30- June 3.
  • Undergraduate student Qi Zeng, CSE Assistant Professor Spencer Bryngelson, and CSE Assistant Professor Florian Schäfer presented Competitive Physics Informed Networks at ICLR 2022’s workshop on Gamification and Multiagent Solutions.
  • Ph.D. students Fatima Chrit (ME) and Austin Adams (CS) presented their work on quantum algorithms and compiler backends at the Georgia Tech Quantum Alliance Workshop on May 4! Chrit and Adams are advised by CSE Assistant Professor Spencer Bryngelson, ME Professor Alexander Alexeev, and Professor Tom Conte, associate dean for research of the College of Computing.
  • Provided is this week’s edition of The Compiler. The newsletter from the College of Computing is on a biweekly schedule for summer. The next edition is scheduled for June 3.
  • May 22-27 is the ACL 2022 60th Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics. ML Ph.D. students Rongzhi Zhang, Pranav Shetty, and CSE Ph.D. student Yue Yu, all advised by CSE Assistant Professor Chao Zhang, will present PRBoost: Prompt-Based Rule Discovery and Boosting for Interactive Weakly-Supervised Learning.
  • There will be a virtual XSEDE/Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center MPI Workshop May 26-27. Event information and registration is available in provided link.
  • Monday May 30 is an Institute holiday for Memorial Day.
  • Partnership for an Advance Computing Environment (PACE) is hosting two virtual events May 31. First is a Linux 101 course 10:30am-12:15pm. Afterwards is a research consulting session 2:00pm- 3:45pm.
  • June 3 is the last day of Maymester.