Modeling and Simulation

Richard Fujimoto stands in front of the binary bridge

Modeling and simulation is a substitute for physical experimentation, in which computers are used to calculate the results of some physical phenomenon. A computer is used to build a mathematical model which contains all the parameters of the physical model and represent the physical model in virtual form, then conditions are applied which we want to experiment on the physical model. After which, the simulation portion of this research begins by calculating the results of those conditions on a mathematical model. In this way, mathematical knowledge is applied with a computer's computational power to solve real-world problems cheaply and in an efficient manner, and actual experimentation can be avoided which is costly and time-consuming. As such, modeling and simulation can facilitate understanding of a system's behavior without actually testing the system in the real world. 

Areas of this research include distributed simulation, parallel discrete event simulation, and parallel and distributed simulation.

Interdisciplinary CSE Faculty specializing in modeling and simulation research: