Salesforce Tech Talk: The Forces Behind Salesforce: The Lightning Platform, the Formula Engine,and Web App Defense

Monday, August 26, 2019 - 6:30pm to 8:00pm
6:30pm – 8pm Klaus 1116 E&W.

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Tech Talk - The Forces Behind Salesforce: The Lightning Platform, the Formula Engine, and Web App Defense

Join Salesforce to learn more about their innovative technologies! 

Summer 2020 Intern - Software Engineer

Summer 2020 Intern - Associate Product Manager

Summer 2020 Intern - Technical Writer

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At Salesforce, we're dedicated to attracting, retaining, and cultivating the next generation talent. Our interns and new graduates work on real projects that affect how our business runs, giving them the opportunity to make a tangible impact on the future of our company. With offices all over the world, our recruits have the chance to collaborate and connect with fellow employees on a global scale.

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The perks of launching your career at Salesforce.

Get paid to give back.

Interns and new grads receive seven days (56 hours!) of paid Volunteer Time Off (VTO) to devote to causes they believe in.

Do meaningful work.

From day one, interns and new grads work on real projects that go into production, giving them the opportunity to significantly impact the future of our company.

Build a network while having fun.

Interns and new grads have endless opportunities to mix and mingle, with social calendars full of networking nights, sporting events, city tours, and more.

Gain exposure to senior leaders.

Through our Executive Lunch & Learn and Speaker Series programs, interns and new grads have unprecedented access to our Salesforce leadership team.

Represent Salesforce on campus.

Once interns are back at school, they can serve as campus ambassadors, working with our recruiters to generate awareness of Salesforce among new, diverse student groups.

Continue learning new Salesforce skills.

With Trailhead, the fun way to learn Salesforce, interns and new grads can explore new Salesforce skills through guided learning paths.

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